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Bell's Palsy eye not closed

Bell’s Palsy eye not closed.

Mature woman with Bell’s Palsy finds her right eye not closed when trying to close both which makes showering hard and requires taping the eye shut at night. Bell’s Palsy appears suddenly and may make you think you’re having a stroke, but the paralysis is limited to one side of the face so you can move on that side of the body without a problem.

Bell’s Palsy is a form of temporary facial paralysis because of swelling in one of the facial nerves. It typically affects only one of the paired facial nerves and one side of the face and symptoms include drooping eyelid or corner of the mouth, drooling, dry eye or mouth, impairment of taste, and excessive tearing in the eye. Sounds seem extraordinarily loud on the paralyzed side. See more faces you can pull with Bell’s Palsy

Image updated—September 24, 2013
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