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Afternoon sun warms suburban garden

Afternoon sun warms suburban garden

Fall afternoon sunshine on a stone patio and backyard. This is one of a set of images that show the various stages of the work to build the paths and a patio

I have written a blog post about the series and one about the use of HDR to manage images shot in very high contrast lighting. New flowerbeds were placed next to the garage with a path leading from the driveway to the new patio. A small path to the meters on the garage wall allows access to the meters and cable connections. The grass is cut and then sand laid into which pavers can be placed. In England, the irregular pavers are called crazy paving, but the charm lies in loosely arranging the stone pieces to create a surface and in time, moss and small plants fill in the gaps to hold the pavers firmly in place.

Image updated—August 28, 2013
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